Daily Dish of a Nutrition Genius Week 8

Welcome back to the Daily Dish of a Nutrition Genius! Rut rohhh. Pearl is not feeling so hot. I have a tickle of soreness in my throat I plan to fend off with good nutrition and lots of sleep before it knocks me down. Obviously the first thing I reached for was 12 oz of bone broth and 12 oz of coffee (at about 8 am).


Both the bone broth and my coffee were firsts today, my first time making bone broth with pork bones and my first cup of Sacramento coffee thanks to my new friend Kelli! Kelli is creator of the quotes you may have heard on Nutrition Genius Radio– “no shame in your game” and “the cheat meal is like the snooze button, if I hit it once, I’ll hit it five more times.” Well this fabulous and hilarious chick sent Sassy and I a wonderful Christmas package of coffee and tea from El Dorado Coffee and Tea Co in Dorado Hills, California. So far my favorite tea is Santa’s Cup because it is absolutely delicious and reminds me of a tea I drank while backpacking the Grand Canyon. I’m a firm believer life is too short to drink bad coffee so I can’t wait to work my way through all the goodies! The coffee I had this morning was Guatemala Huehuetenango. I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce that but since I’m going to be in Guatemala in about a week I figured I better get used to the drinks!


Today, however, was not going to be that day. I finished my bone broth but only got a few sips of my coffee in. Around 9:15 my wonderful roommate made me breakfast of scrambled eggs, with sautéed broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, and onions. I topped it with pepper and hot sauce (made with only 5 ingredients) but I after taking two bites I just didn’t feel up to eating it so I stuck it in a container to save for lunch.


By the time I left my house around 11 I felt better and finally started to feel hungry around 12:30 at which time I realized I had left my eggs at home, whomp whomp. Luckily I had some veggies, about 3/4 cup cherry tomatoes and 1/2 cup sugar snap peas, leftover from earlier in the week in my office refrigerator so I munched on those and finished up my black coffee from the morning.

When I got home around 4:30 I was finally able to have my eggs! Plus another 8 oz of bone broth. Between then and dinner I had 12 oz of Santa’s Cup tea and 12 oz of water with 1-1/2 tsp of magnesium powder. Fluids are important to fight illness!

My intention for dinner (7:00pm) was 1-1/2 cups broccoli topped with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and 1/2 T butter and 1/2 cup of pulled pork made with home made barbeque sauce.


I say my intention because I got about 3 bites of broccoli and 3 bites of pulled pork in before I was feeling nauseous and not wanting to continue so again, I stuck it in a container for later consumption. I’ll definitely have another mug of tea and another glass of water before bed. If I do start to feel hungry at some point I’ll make a smoothie of 1 cup fruit (organic raspberries, strawberries, and mango), 1/2 cup non-homogenized yogurt, handful of spinach, and 1 cup of water. Liquids seem to be working better for me right now.

This is definitely not enough food to sustain me on a normal day. The plates shown in both the above pictures are not full size dinner plate but half size plates, about 6″ x 6.” This is the size plate I typically eat my meals off of because honestly I just can’t fit the volume of food off a 12″ dinner plate into my wee little tummy (well unless it is Thanksgiving, that is) and eating on a bare 12″ plate just looks sad. Using small plates is actually a really helpful trick for individuals trying to lose weight because it sort of tricks your brain into thinking you’re getting more than you actually are. Sassy and I have TONS of tricks like this to remodel your eating environment so make sure you sign up for a package to work with one of us!

Good news! Next Daily Dish by me (Pearl) will be from my adventures in Belize and Guatemala! Weeeeeeeee!

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