Daily Dish of a Nutrition Genius Week 10

Guess who’s back, back again, Sassy’s back, tell a friend 🙂 While Marie aka “Pearl” is frolicking around Belize and Guatemala I am currently still in upstate New York where it has been colder than cold this past week…I mean I woke up to my weather app telling me it was -10° out WHAAAAAAAT?!?!!? Next week you will get to hear about Pearl’s travels but until then find out what a simpleton like me ate and did all in a day’s work 🙂


and yes…those are snowflakes and icicles on my eyelashes because i did not let a little cold weather keep me couped up all day! Yippee!

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For those of you who don’t know me too well…I LOVE WALKING….sounds strange I know but for me it is very relaxing, therapeutic and is my “me” time. I sometimes listen to music, sometimes listen to podcasts (besides my own) and sometimes just go sans technology and disconnect for a few minutes. This week has been challenging but DOABLE. Why challenging?! Oh, because:


In most cases people would just say the heck with it, stay inside all day and not move. I, however, bundled up from head to toe and got moving. And you know what was fabulous!? I warmed up because I was moving, yippee!!! Any who, before I bundled up I made sure to have my pre-breakfast drink of water with 1/2 lemon-fresh juice and 1 tsp magnesium powder. Once I was hydrated I put on my snow boots and turned on an episode of Ben Greenfield’s Fitness Podcast (all about Kombucha) and headed out the door for a 3.5 mile walk.

When I returned, not only was I inspired by The Kombucha Mamma to start making my own kombuch,  I was totally rewarded for this walk by opening my mailbox and finding this AMAZING gift!!!



An old friend and her fiancé started this AMAZING coffee company Kao Jai Coffee . I have been following their journey and she was so sweet to send me some to try, stay tuned for my thoughts but in the mean time I urge you to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and hook yourself up with some Taste of Change 😀

When I got back my stomach was rumbling and I was nice and toasty. Time for breakfast which included leftover smoked salmon egg frittata and liver meat balls with spinach & bacon and 1 lemon-blueberry muffin from Practical Paleo.


I was so full from that breakfast that I went about my day doing my usual blogging, podcasting, etc. that I almost forgot to eat lunch (almost). But I knew I would be hitting a workout later and I did not want to go in completely famished so good thing I have leftovers galore in my fridge so for lunch I warmed up my butternut squash soup and liver meat balls, added a bit of spinach and bacon and ladled a fresh cup of bone broth straight from the crock pot, YUM!!!


An hour before the gym I wanted a warm drink and since it was too late for coffee (If I drink it past noon I’ll be up all night, anyone else have this lovely problem?!) so I ladled another fresh cup of bone broth and enjoyed it while reading Beyond Training (I will finish it soon…).


Now fueled and hydrated, I headed off to the gym for a grueling workout….


– Strength: 2 Rep Max Squash Clean Thruster @ 110lb

– WOD: “Grace” 30 Clean & Jerks @ 95 RX @ 3:24

I have done that workout a few times but this time felt the best! I took off about 1-1/2 minutes and my form felt great, woohoo! This workout may seem short but man is it killer!

When I could catch my breath, I headed home to cook some dinner for my lovely husband and a friend visiting from out of town. I have always been a fan of Mexican food and fajitas are no exception. I decided to make for dinner steak and onion fajitas over cauliflower rice and homemade pineapple salsa, it was DELICIOUS and just what we needed on a COLD COLD night 🙂


Yes that is some RAW MILK cheese on the side, yum!

Well that’s all from me this week! I hope you are all staying warm and enjoying some healthy REAL FOOD this week.

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