Calcium without Dairy (Q&A #10)


Calcium without DAIRY!

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This week’s question is about CHEESE! If you want to hear more about dairy from your favorite nutrition geniuses, check out Episode #7!

Dear Nutrition Geniuses,

I think I have a dairy intolerance and after listening to you geniuses I decided to eliminate it to see how I feel…well turns out I feel like a rockstar. BUT…now I’m worried, where is a gal supposed to get strong bones from? Will my bones crumble to pieces if I don’t get calcium from milk? HELPPPP!

Don’t Got Milk

Show Notes:

Laura’s Dairy Article: Truth or Dair(y)

Marie’s Dairy Article: The Dairy Dilemma

Nutrition Genius Radio (podcast) Episode #7 Do You Dair(y)? 

Best Sources of non-dairy calcium:
1. Bone Broth
2. Bone-In Fish including Sardines, Salmon, etc.
3. Dark Leafy Green Vegetables


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