#26 Sleep to Catch Your Zzzz’s


Are you a walking zombie? Is your motto “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”? Then you need to tune in today to see why sleep is important for your health! Find out what Sassy & Pearl recommend and get your sleep back!

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Gustatory (adjective): related to or associated with eating or the sense of taste (link)
Sassy’s Example: I love Team Nutrition Genius’ gustatory recipes 🙂

Show Notes

Nutrition = Nourishment = food and OTHER things needed for health/grown = SLEEP!

Earth paste Toothpaste & Pearl’s Instagram Picture

Sassy’s HOMEMADE Toothpaste Recipe….coming soon!

Sleep Drive and Your Body Clock from the National Sleep Foundation

Image Source: http://resultsroom.co.nz/getting-bed-time/
Image Source: http://resultsroom.co.nz/getting-bed-time/


Blue Light Blockers
Twilight for Android
f.lux for iphone and Mac
Amber/Orange Glasses
Other Blue Light Blocking Products

Magnesium Natural Calm Supplement

Pzizz Sleep/Nap App


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Sassy & Pearl

Sweet Dreams!


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