#25 Blame it on the ALCOHOL

bridget drinks

Wondering how alcohol can fit into your Real Food diet?

Today on Episode #25 of Nutrition Genius Radio we cover what alcohol is, what it does in your body, what kinds to drink, and how much. Leave a comment and let us know what you have been drinking (or not drinking)!

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5 star Review of the Week:

By: Fatmanoncampus: Thank you ladies for giving me the knowledge and confidence to put one foot in front of the other and take control of my weight! I can’t wait to pass on the positive word about you gals. THANK YOU! 

Word O the Day:

Opprobrium (noun): Something that brings disgrace
Ex: Drinking Mountain Dew brings opprobrium to Team Nutrition Genius!

Show Notes:

Chemistry drinks at Joe Bean Coffee in Rochester, NY

GT’s Black Label Kombucha

Support for Alcoholism

NSYNC Just Got Paid

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Beenie Man Rum and Red Bull


 Pearl: If you are going to drink start changing over your mixers to something REAL. Have an accountabilibuddy, mine is Sassy.

Sassy: Take an alcohol holiday!

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