#24 Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Pearl’s morning beverages

Soda is a bad idea, you’re bored of water, what to drink?! Today we give you the pros and cons of various non-alcoholic beverages and a rating on the Pearl & Sassy scale of approval.

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Word O the Day:

 Clabber (noun): Unpasteurized milk that is allowed to turn sour at a specific humidity and temperature.
Ex: The clabber we ate for breakfast was delicious!

Show Notes:

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Pearl & Baby Benny

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Water- 10

Sports Nutrition 101 Podcast

Stay tuned for the podcast with Dr. Lobisco to see what essential oils you can add to your water!

Bone Broth- 10

Bone Broth Article

Kombucha- 9

SCOBY– Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast

Pearl’s Liver Meatloaf Nachos pic

Coffee- 9

Merry Minty Mocha Recipe

Tea- 10

Superfoods Podcast

Milk- 8 for raw, 0 for pasteurized/homogenized

Dairy Podcast

Juice- 2 for home made, 0 for store bought

Orange juice flavor profile article

Soda- 0, go lay down with this nonsense

Smoothies- 4 if home made with fiber and fat, 0 if store bought

Protein Shakes- 1 for individuals who need it, see here

Sports Nutrition Post-Workout Podcast

Protein Podcast

Energy Drinks- 0, go lay down with this nonsense too

Rum & Redbull


Marie: Stick to spicing up your water!

Laura: Replace energy drinks and soda with bone broth, kombucha, or infused water. Be positive, start slow, push out the bad!

Nutrition Geniuses OUT!

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