Team Nutrition Genius Invades Rochester!

Sassy and I have a hard time not talking. Our non-stop communication typically starts as soon as we roll out of bed. Seriously. Before 6:45 am last Friday morning Sassy and I were talking and we realized something wonderful- we were both free for the weekend. In a shocking turn of events that never happens to us we made the spontaneous decision to get together. Yes that’s right. Team Nutrition Genius invaded Rochester to bring you guys ALL the content. She got to Rochester Friday evening and of course our first order of business was eating so we went to Salina’s Mexican Restaurant at the Village Gate. We munched on some (gluten-free) corn tortilla chips with salsa (of course we asked for extra guacamole too) and had a delicious meal of chicken tacos and a lime shrimp salad.

Did I mention tequila? Nutrition Geniuses love tequila. And getting weird. Don’t worry, friends. We made sure to choose the margarita mixed our tequila with only lime juice and agave nectar. Not exactly dietitian-approved but we’re not perfect all the time. Or ever. #dur


After our yummy meal, we had one more thing on our agenda for the night: Wegmans. Wegmans is a grocery store chain in the Northeast that was actually founded in Rochester. It also happens to be Sassy and my favorite grocery store. Unfortunately, there is no Wegmans in Albany so Sassy was itching to get there. And get there she did. We went to three different Wegmans while she was in town and to two of them multiple times. All for a good cause, to bring delicious Pearl and Sassy-Approved food to your table.


During our first Wegmans run we somehow end up in the scariest aisle of the grocery store. Which one is it? You’ll have to check out our YouTube channel to see. Here is a teaser-


The next morning we woke up early and started our day with a #basic activity- a yoga class!. As you know we are physical activity enthusiasts and have a complete inability to sit still but given all the activities we had planned for the day and a nagging hip injury I’ve been fighting we wanted something low key so yoga it was. Lucky for us my gym membership at the Pittsford RAC allows me to bring guests so despite being up late doing business planning we got our butts in gear for a morning class. We like to do fasted activity in the morning so we didn’t eat before but instead we each had a glass of water with 1-1/2 tsp magnesium powder before we left, a typical occurrence for us both.


After class we came home and tested our Merry Minty Mocha recipe-


And got ready to go to my favorite place in Rochester- The Public Market! Those of you that listen to our podcast, Nutrition Genius Radio know I am obsessed with Public Market and go every weekend to get fresh, organic produce and pasture-raised meats. Our listeners also know that I always get my meat and broth bones from the same guy, the man I like to call my “Bone Guy.” Guess what?! Sassy snapped a picture of me creepin’ on him.


We picked up some of the most delicious raw, cave-aged cheese I have ever tasted…


and some killer coconut chocolate bark from our new friend Renee Suzette.


 We actually did do a lot of cooking for you guys this weekend, not just creeping on people, I promise. But before we got cooking we took an oath on our favorite book, Deep Nutrition by Dr. Cate Shanahan. It went a little something like this-

“I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the Real Food truth so help me Dr. Cate Shanahan.”


We got down to business with recipes galore. Check out this YouTube video to see some of the trouble we were stirring up and this one to see how goofy we were getting after our bajillionth trip to the grocery store.

I swear, we created some mind-blowing recipes but we aren’t ready to share them with you yet! We have a new eBook we are working on and want it to be absolutely PERFECT before we release it!

Here are some more out-takes:



And here is a tiny teaser of what you can expect on the new eBook



On Sunday we, of course, had post-run BAE-BAEs and coffee…


and got weird…


but also worked our butts off to bring you lots of content.


 One of our favorite tools to keep our ideas and outlines organized is Google Docs. We had new ideas popping up every minute and created new document after new document. At one point we were spewing off ideas so quickly Sassy said “but first… let me start a Google Doc.” She’s so punny.

 And finally, we created more recipes for the eBook….



We were bummed to say goodbye Monday morning but before Sassy hit the road we drank some bone broth…


 And took one last picture of us enjoying the fruits of our labor…


The best part? Even though we were apart the next morning we were still Pearl-petually #twinning.


We hope you love hearing about #adventuresofsassyandpearl and are now PUMPED for the new eBook!

Use our hashtags and let us know what you want to see next!



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  1. This is a great post! I am excited for the new ebook, and also that I finally know what Pearl’s “bone guy” looks like. Everyone has a type 😉 Your weirdness is contagious, I love it!

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