Real Food Dating (Q&A #7)
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Real Food Dating

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This week’s question is all about Real Food Dating! Check out what your 2 favorite nutrition geniuses have to say AND there is a special guest to help us navigate the dating waters!

Dear Nutrition Geniuses, How do you recommend navigating the dating scene with a real food approach?!

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Show Notes:

1. Sassy’s Weekly MenuIMG_4540





2. The John Joseph Inn and Elizabeth Restaurant

John Hamilton, owner of The John Joseph Inn in Groton, NY!

Recommended by Sassy & Pearl & Sarah

1. Own your food choices! “There’s No Shame in Your Game!” -Pearl

2. If you are worried about the food, suggest a non-food related date! i.e. hiking, movies, painting, etc. -Sassy

3. Be Yourself! – Sarah

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