How To Prevent Colds & The Flu NATURALLY! (Q&A #4)

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How to Prevent Colds and the Flu NATURALLY!

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As we get into the heart of flu and cold season we know many of you are dying to know-

“How do I prevent colds and the flu without shots or medication?”

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Show Notes:

1. Wash your hands!

2. Nutrition

  • Decrease sugar intake
  • Increase fruit and vegetable intake
  • Drink bone broth- (NYC Bone Broth Restaurant Brodo)
  • High selenium foods- (Selenium Nutrition Nerd Out)
  • Probiotics foods- fermented vegetables, kombucha, kefir, non-homogenized or raw yogurt
  • Herbal teas and essential oils
  • Coconut oil- (oil pulling)
  • Vitamin C from REAL FOODS

3. Sleep- more than 7 hours!

4. Minimize stress with activity and calming activities- (Healthy Holidays post)

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