Merry Minty Mocha

Pearl and Sassy enjoying their Merry Minty Mochas in Rochester, NY!
Pearl and Sassy enjoying their Merry Minty Mochas in Rochester, NY!

Merry Minty Holidays Friends!

Team Nutrition Genius wants to spread the Holiday Cheer and with that cheer should come YOUR health and happiness. While we hope we make you happy we KNOW we can make you healthy! Don’t believe us? Check out the recipe below (and more to follow this holiday season) and check out our last blog post and podcast where we help you prevent colds and the flu this season!

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When I (Sassy) was home this past Thanksgiving break, one of my old friends requested her favorite seasonal drink from Starbucks be made over as she knew there was no way SASSY would approve it! Well If you know me, then you know I never turn down a challenge and when a friend asks for a healthy Peppermint Mocha, I deliver! I was also challenged to a pull-up duel this past weekend…by a boy…and I tied him…10 strict pull-ups after Pearl and I had already done a pull-up workout earlier in the day 🙂 #challengeaccepted

Starbuck’s Peppermint Mocha in RED coffee cups rings in winter and the holiday season, kind of like their #basic Pumpkin Spice Latte  (check out my recipe for a much improved drink!) brings in Fall. While I still think the PSL is by far talked about more, if I hear another person get excited over the red Starbucks cups and how they cannot wait to go grab a “skinny” peppermint mocha to start off their holiday season, I will have no choice but to get them a red mug and make them this DELICIOUS #sassyapproved recipe…I urge you to do the same…what a FABULOUS and inexpensive gift 🙂

Image source: Pinterest
Image source: Pinterest

There is NOTHING skinny about a peppermint mocha….I also strongly dislike the word skinny…stop equating it to beauty….you are SO much more than that!! This nasty drink is made with mocha sauce and peppermint FLAVORED syrup, whatever that means, well I think it means a sugar and chemical blizzard STORM of the century!  Instead, let us make our own Peppermint Mochas in the form of Team Nutrition Genius’ Merry Mint Mocha…and you are free to drink this YEAR ROUND!! This drink has QUALITY ingredients that you can recognize and has ZERO added sugar…unless you use a drop of REAL Maple Syrup 😉

This past weekend Sassy visited Pearl in her town of Rochester, NY and the two spent their time developing content galore for you, our favorite people AND we had a blast developing new recipes for you to devour! Here is one of our creations in the form of a coffee drink…you could basically say it’s “Christmas In A Cup”…

Merry Minty Mocha

Merry Minty Mocha



  1. Pour ingredients into a medium saucepan and heat over medium heat until heated through, whisk to combine.
  2. Blend ingredients on high for 15-30 seconds using a hand blender or regular blender for added froth. (Step is optional)
  3. Pour into 2 mugs
  4. Sprinkle with extra cocoa powder.
  5. Enjoy with a friend!

Note: We used Herb Pharm Peppermint Spirits Oil and each brand of Essential Oil is different and will require a different strength so read the label and start with a minimal amount! Stay Tuned to an upcoming podcast in the new year with Dr. Sarah Lobisco where she will tell us ALL about essential oils and how to use them…we are cannot wait to learn right along with you all.

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Until next time, we’d love to hear what recipes YOU would like to see get a makeover! Challenge us friends!


Sassy & Pearl



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