Gluten & Joint Pain/Inflammation (Q&A #5)

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Gluten and Joint Pain/Inflammation

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This week’s question is about gluten and joint pain! If you want to hear more about gluten from your favorite nutrition geniuses, check out episode #18.

Dear Nutrition Geniuses,

Have you done any research regarding a gluten free diet helping joint problems?

xoxo, Achy Gluten Girl

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Show Notes:

1. Gluten Free Podcast #18 on iTunes & Stitcher

2. Fermented Cod Liver Oil*

*Our recommendations have changed since the recording of this podcast. You can find new fish oil supplement recommendations here and here.

Recommended by Sassy & Pearl

1. JERF (Just Eat Real Food)

2. 30 day Elimination of Gluten

3. Add antioxidant rich(fruit & veggies)  and anti-inflammatory (fish, grass fed meat/dairy) foods

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