#22 Farm To School w/ Guest Sarah Johnson, MPH

1621878_10100378381198059_6539568372725307840_nAre you a fan of Farm To Table? How about Farm To School? We sure are! Today we have a special guest Sarah Johnson so takes us through what Farm To School is and how WE can help the movement and get better connected with our food and our farmers!

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Find Our Guest Sarah Johnson, MPH!!!
Twitter: @EdibleIntellect
Instagram: @EdibleIntellect
Facebook: @SarahJohnson

Show Notes

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Word of the day (from Sarah!): Decadence (from thefreeDictionary.com)

(noun) A process, condition, or period of deterioration or decline, as in morals or art
Synonyms: degeneracy, degradation
Usage: The art of the late 19th century was an expression of the decadence and immorality of the ruling class.

Sassy uses the word: “When one eats processed foods that the body cannot handle there is a decadence of the gut.”

Show Notes:

Sarah’s Bio

From marine biology in Belize to human physiology and disease, Sarah graduated in 2009 with her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology but was still unsure of what she wanted to do. A few months later, she attended a nutrition seminar and was completely entranced by its comprehensive impact on health (especially in conjunction with fitness). That was it. Starting in 2010, Sarah began contributing to both her gym’s nutrition blog and also developed her own blog. She applied for her Master of Public Health (MPH) and began independent research. While in school, she was hired as a food policy council coordinator and farm to school project manager. She graduated with her MPH in December 2012 and has since then been working to positively impact nutrition at schools and institutions, increase access to local, fresh food items, aid in children’s cooking skill development and, in general, help individuals to improve their health through whole food and fitness. In the next few years, Sarah is looking to pursue a PhD in applied nutrition and food policy. Her ultimate passion exists within nurturing the food-to-human connection & a lifestyle encompassing both physical and intellectual strength.

Find Sarah:


FacebookSarah Lewis RD
Blog: www.thetoughlovelifestyle.com

Stratton Mountain (Vermont)

Ben Greenfield’s Podcast about Skin Microbiome

Bristol Stool Chart

Crossfit/Paleo Nutrition Seminar

Upstate NY Farmers Markets

NY State Department of Agriculture

USDA: Farm To School

National Farm To School Network

Delaware Community School in Albany: Friendship Garden

Kids have trouble sitting still at work

Standing Desks

Cornell Milk Study in Schools

Sarah Johnson on Twitter @EdibleIntellect

Big U.S. School Districts plan switch to antibiotic-free chicken

Capital Roots (previously Capital District Community Gardens) in Albany and Troy NY

Albany Soul Cafe

Rochester Public Market

Troy Waterfront Farmers Market

National Farm To School Organization Website

Find Our Guest Sarah Johnson, MPH!!!
Twitter: @EdibleIntellect
Instagram: @EdibleIntellect
Facebook: @SarahJohnson

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