#21 Evil Vegetable Oils


:Are vegetable oils good for you? Do they cause or prevent inflammation? When and why did vegetable oils become a thing? Find out the answers to all of these questions plus hear what happened when Sassy came to visit Rochester.

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5 star Review of the Week:

By: JordanT6045

Best way to get through my work day: These girls need their own television show, I’m just not sure if it should be on the Food Network or Comedy Central.

Word O the Day:

Emollient (adjective): To make soft of supple, soothing to the skin.

Ex: Coconut oil is emollient for your skin.

Bonus Word O the Day: Plunder (verb): To steal goods from a place or person, typically using force in a time of war.

Rochester Public Market

Kao Jai Coffee

Bone Broth Restaurant in NYC

Adventures of Sassy & Pearl in Rochester

 Marie’s favorite clay-based toothpaste: Earthpaste

TNG Available Services

How to car dance video

How It’s Made Canola Oil

Wellness Mama- Vegetable Oils

Churn Down For What Picture

Saturated Fat Episode

 Gordon Ramsay on Jimmy Fallon

Masterchef Junior


Marie: In the words of Dr. Cate Shanahan- nature doesn’t make bad fat. Just eat the real stuff!
Laura: If you can’t make it or explain simply how it is made don’t eat it!


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