#20 Love your guts w/ Guest Sarah Lewis, RD

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Are you a gut bug enthusiast?! Today we have a special guest Real Food Registered Dietitian Sarah Lewis and she breaks down leaky gut for you (and us!) After this show you WILL be a huge gut bug fan!! Your gut is the root cause of MANY diseases and Sarah will teach you how to promote gut health and be the healthiest you possible.

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Find Our Guest Sarah Lewis, RD!!!
Website: www.sarahlewisnutrition.com
FacebookSarah Lewis RD
Instagram: sarahlewis_ironcoreonline
Twitter: @sarahlewis_RD
Blog: www.thetoughlovelifestyle.com

Show Notes:

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 Word of the day (from Sarah!): Decadence (from thefreeDictionary.com)

(noun) A process, condition, or period of deterioration or decline, as in morals or art
Synonyms: degeneracy, degradation
Usage: The art of the late 19th century was an expression of the decadence and immorality of the ruling class.

Sassy uses the word: “When one eats processed foods that the body cannot handle there is a decadence of the gut.”

Show Notes:

Sarah’s Bio

Sarah is a Registered Dietitian and personal trainer. She has been competing in powerlifting for the last 2 years, competing in olympic lifting for about 3 years before that. She owned a CrossFit gym from 2008 til early 2014, but closed it down to focus on other things.

Sarah is currently a coach at a strength and conditioning program at Warriors Academy, a martial arts studio in Kansas City, as well as runs a small private practice outside of her day job. At her day job, Sarah works for a nationwide lab company that specializes in advanced particle testing, genetics, chronic disease prevention (especially CVD and diabetes), where she see patients who are at risk for overweight, obesity, CVD, Diabetes or have any of those diagnoses.

Sarah is also a dietitian in the US Air Force Reserves, where she is met with surprising enthusiasm in her unit for real foods, paleo, alternative or functional medicine and more.

Find Sarah:

FacebookSarah Lewis RD
Blog: www.thetoughlovelifestyle.com

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Ben Pliss Media: Albany, NY Area Videographer

Jenna Marbles YouTube “How To Avoid Talking To People You Don’t Want To Talk To” (Explicit)

Fecal Transplantation
Pill Fecal Transplants May Soon Be Available

Gluten & Zonulin Nutrition Genius Radio Podcast #18

Sarah’s Exercise Break: 
30 seconds air squats (sub pistol chair squats if you’re more advanced)!
30 seconds jumping jacks!
30 seconds high knee running!
– Rest 30 seconds!
Repeat up to 3 (or more) times total!

Sarah’s Book Recommendation: Food Plague by Dr. Arden Andersen

Sarah’s Top 3 Supplements:

1. Glutamine
2. Probiotics
Coconut Kefir: Inner-Eco (find at Whole Foods)
– Pill: Prescript-Assist (Soil Based Organism)
3. Bone Broth (sign up for our email list to grab your OWN recipe)

Nutrition Geniuses OUT!

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