#17: Sugar, Honey, Honey!


Sugar and other sweeteners are hiding everywhere on labels these days and companies just keep coming up with new names and ways to trick us into eating massive quantities of this health-wrecking nonsense. Da da da daaaa Pearl and Sassy to the rescue! We will explain the differences between sugar, natural sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, and sugar alcohols and let you in on some Pearl and Sassy approved sweeteners! BONUS! Scroll down to the show notes and find a printable handout so you can identify these sugars and other mutants wherever you go!

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Show Notes:

Texas De Brazil in Albany, NY

Entomophagy & Why Eat Bugs?

 Shailene Woodley on Jimmy Fallon

 Robb Wolf

 5 star Review of the Week! (Thank You!!)

xaviordragon review

Word of the Day: Anodyne

1. Serving to alleviate pain

2. Not likely to offend or arouse tenisons

“This podcast is anodyne because no one would disagree that artificial sweeteners are bad.”

Prancercise: A Fitness Workout

CDC Obesity Prevalence Maps

US Sugar Consumption up to 1820-2012

Rick Woods, The Functional Organizer

Make Room for Clarity Part 1 and Part 2 Podcast featuring Team Nutrition Genius

George of the Jungle Java Video

GMO Sugar Beets

sugar cartoon


Marie: Cut those nasty artificial sweeteners out of your diet! Ain’t nobody got time for a messed up microbiome 🙂

Laura: If it says “sugar free” ask yourself- should it be sugar free?

Sweeteners on a Label Handout

Nutrition Geniuses OUT!

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