#16: Popular Fad Diets De-bunked

Atkins, Zone and Paleo, OH MY! Sassy & Pearl are back to help you navigate your way through diets galore. Remember when you go ON a diet you will most likely go OFF of it, so stick to a REAL FOOD lifestyle 🙂

Let’s Dive In!

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Texas De Brazil Albany, NY 
Duck fat potatoes from The Domestic Man (tell him we sent you!)
Fat Duck Forest Park, IL
Make Room for Clarity with Rick Woods: Episode with Sassy & Pearl
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Word of the Day:
grok- verb- (from Merriam Webster)

  1. to understand thoroughly and intuitively.
  2. to communicate sympathetically.

“We really grok nutrition”-Sassy

** Mark Sisson uses the term grok in the Primal world (http://www.marksdailyapple.com/about-2/who-is-grok/#axzz3HYP6Byw8)

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**Note: the diets below are not necessarily promoted by Laura & Marie but are discussed on the show, listen to find out if we give the red (avoid), yellow (proceed with caution) or green light (go ahead but be realistic)”
1. Atkins Diet: Mayo Clinic Review
Nutrition Genius Radio Episode 3 : ALL the CARBS!
Previous Sports Nutrition Episodes  11-14
Jimmy Moore: Website, Facebook, Book Keto Clarity
 2. If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM): Main Website
 “So Laura, can I eat donuts everyday?” -Pearl
“EW!” – Sassy
“But it fits my macros?!”-Pearl
The horrible blog post on donuts and workout results 🙁 
 3. Intermittent Fasting (IF-ing): What is it?
4. Medifast: WebMD Review
5. Shakeology
Nutrition Facts Label (hello 500 ingredients!): http://images.beachbody.com/tbb/shakeology/PDFs/Chocolate/shakeology_supplement_facts_chocolate.pdf
6. Meditteranean Diet: Mayo Clinic Review
7. Paleo/Primal: Info
Difference between Paleo & Primal
8. Vegan/Vegetarian/Raw: Wikipedia’s Take
Daniel Vitalis Website
Denise Minger For Vegans & Debunking The China Study
9. Zone Diet: WebMD Review
What’s Wrong with It by Mark Sisson
10. Soylent: (major EW! –> http://www.soylent.me )


Marie: Add bone broth, it has collagen to help your skin, joints, and so much more! Great for vegetarians to start with because it is respecting the animal as a whole.  Sign up for our email list below and we’ll give you a FREE recipe!

Laura: If you go ON a diet you normally come OFF a diet so aim for a REAL FOOD LIFESTYLE.

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