#14: Sports Nutrition Supplementing Like a Champ (Part 2)

Supplementing Like A Champ Part 2! Fish Oil, glucosamine and chondroitin, sodium bicarb BCAA, CLA, and a whole lot of awkward voices and random dance parties can be found on this episode of Nutrition Genius Radio. Let’s dive in!

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Show Notes:

Adirondack High Peaks in Upstate, NY

Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand

Fish Oil Buyers Guide

Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil*

*Our recommendations have changed since this posting. You can find new fish oil supplement recommendations here and here.

Chameleon Cold Brew

Kao Jai Coffee

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Millennium CRE-02 Creatine

More information on Creatine


Thorne FX Essential Amino Acid Powder Complex

Master Amino Acid Pattern Tablets

Bone Broth Recipe

 Marie’s Takeaway: Bone broth and grass fed meats will get you just about all of the things you need! If you are going to supplement my favorite is Fermented Cod Liver Oil 🙂

Laura’s Takeaway: Try again with fish!

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