#13: Sports Nutrition Supplementing Like A Champ (Part 1)


PROTEIN POWDER, MUSCLE MILK, HGH! Supplements you need to get #madgainzzz right?! WRONG-O. No worries, mate. This week Pearl and Sassy continue the Sports Nutrition Series with Supplements- Part One.

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Let’s Dive In!
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Show Notes:
Sassy’s BAE-BAE Muffins
Sassy’s Allergen-Free Menu
Pearl on Tailgating Nutrition
Jimmy Fallon Ew Video
Ben Greenfield Fitness Review 
Dear Darla Video
Marcel The Shell With Shoes on Part 3
Sports Nutrition Podcast Series- Sports Nutrition 101Pre-WorkoutPost-Workout
Word of the DayErgogenic
John Oliver on Dr. Oz and Nutritional Supplements
Episode 4: Protein and Protein Powders
Protein Powders (if you fit our criteria) Great Lakes Gelatin, Raw Organic Whey, NOW Foods Egg White Protein

“Body building requires unnatural means for unnatural results.” –Ben Greenfield

Bars (NOT a meal replacement) Larabars, Steve’s Paleo Bar, Simple Squares, Clif- Kit’s Organic
Gels (fat based, no vegetable oils and artificial sweeteners) GU, Artisana, Huma, Justin’s Nut Butter, Pocket Fuel, Vespa, V-fuel, Chia Surge, Win force, Hammer Gel, Yum Butter, etc.
Calcium supplement for ammenoric individuals
Natural Calm Magnesium
Vitamin D Supplements we like: Metagenics, Thorne

Laura’s Takeaway: Take one Epsom salt bath per week!
Marie’s Takeaway: Calcium and vitamin D from raw, organic dairy and bone in sardines!

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