#12: Sports Nutrition Post-Workout

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We are back with our Sports Nutrition Series and today we discuss Post-Workout Nutrition and why REAL FOOD wins every time. #MADgainzzzson
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Post-Workout Nutrition
Step 1: Consider your workout, time of day, goals, body type and current diet
Step 2:  What fuel do you need post workout? Hint: Real Food
Step 3: When should you eat? 
Step 4:  Ok so what do I eat?  (Nutrient Density > Calorie Density) 
Word of the Day:
“Sassy and I are not mythomanes because we give you accurate nutrition info!” – Pearl
Pearls 3 Things To Avoid:
1. Artificial Colors
2. Artificial Sweeteners
3. Anything Labeled for a Vegan
Sassy’s 3 Things to Avoid
1. Vegetable Oils
2. Artificial Sweeteners/Flavors
3.  Artificial Colors
“If you can get the same results with a better diet that can promote health and longevity then why wouldn’t you?” – Sassy
Let’s Dive In!
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Show Notes:
Philadelphia Eagles Fight Song: Fly Eagles Fly
Philadelphia’s¬†Reading Terminal Market
¬†Philadelphia’s South 9th Street¬†Italian Market
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Johnny Brenda’s¬†in Philadelphia, PA
Prancersize A Youtube Fitness Tutorial
Past NGR Sports Nutrition Podcasts: 1 and 2
Ben Greenfield: Sitting Podcast
Biggie: Hypnotize
Tai Chi vs. Tae Bo
Workout of the Day (aka “WOD”)
 Research on Post Workout Nutrition
How I Met Your Mother Ted/Marshall/Lily Video
Dare To Be Different: Black Sheep Athletics
Nora Gedgaudas: Primal Mind, Primal Body
Vermont Traditional Foods and Health Symposium: YouTube Lectures
Post Workout Research: More Info
Homemade E-lyte Drink:
Gatorade aka Hatorade
Real Food Smoothies:
Magnesium: Epsom Salts, Topical Lotion/Spray, Powder

*Our recommendations have changed since this posting. You can find new fish oil supplement recommendations here and here.

For our How I Met Your Mother Fans…JJ is the Ted to our Marshall and Lily ūüôā
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