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Top 5 Pantry Staples (Q&A#25)

tunaWhat’s In Your Pantry?

Pantry Staples: we all have them. But what are the ones that we have and recommend that you have on hand as well? Check out this short and sweet podcast to find out our top 5 pantry staples.

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Hi Pearl and Sassy!

I’m loving the show and would love to know what you ladies stock your pantry with. I know that you preach real food and I’m guessing that less is more but in this case I’m curious!

Thanks for all you do,



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Show notes:

Pearl’s “Spice guy”- Stuart’s Spices

Canned fish brands- Safe Catch, Sustainable Seas, Wild Planet

Canned Coconut Milk- Native Forest, Natural Value

All About Olive Oil with Tony Kasandrinos

Fats & Oils we recommend in Q&A #6 Fats & Oils Galore

Throwback to Episode #2 Friends of Fat

Good fats? Bad fats? Cholesterol?  #19 Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Party

#21 Evil Vegetable Oils

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#43 Grains


Against The Grain?

We’ve all been brainwashed to think whole-grains are healthy for us and we should work to get as much of them as possible. But, is that really the case? Check out our episode as we discuss the pros and cons of grains, digestion, and what grains really are.

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Word o’ the day: veridical (adjective): truthful or veracious, corresponding to facts

Example: Pearl and Sassy try to make Nutrition Genius radio as veridical as possible 

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Show Notes:

Laura’s newest project, Real Food Rescue!

Laura’s Albany restaurant recommendations for delicious, good quality food: Zest and Good Morning Cafe

Episode #18 Gluten-free extravaganza!

Episode #3 All the Carbs?!

Episode #30 Inflammation…What is it Good For?


Take aways:

Ask yourself this; 1. Can I digest this? 2. Is it nutrient dense?

Cut out gluten for a month, don’t replace gluten with gluten-free “treats” but with REAL FOOD

5 Reasons to Eliminate Grains


Not getting the weight loss results you want or feeling like you’ve hit a wall around 2 pm? Digestive upset after everything you eat? Grains might be your issue. I know. It’s painful to think I’m going to take away your morning pastry, afternoon sandwich, and pasta dinner but the health of your intestines is dependent upon it. Remember, it’s not what you eat, it’s what you absorb that counts and damaged intestines suck at doing their job.

What are Grains?
Grains are seeds from the grass family Gramineae which includes wheat, rice, corn, barley, millet, sorghum, oats, rye, triticale, teff, and wild rice. This term has expanded in commonplace to include things like amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa and even our legumes- things like chickpeas, beans, lentils, peas, and soybeans. The most common of the grains consumed in the world are wheat, rice, corn, and barley and they’ve been around for a long time. Archeological evidence suggests cultivation of wheat and barley began in the Fertile Crescent around 8000 BC, and rice in Thailand as early as 4500 BC. If people have been eating them for this long they must be okay, right? Wrong. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should eliminate grains from your diet. (more…)

Meet The Interns (Q&A#24)

Meet The Interns!
PicMonkey Collage

Team Nutrition Genius now has two interns, Karlee and Shannon! Not only are Karlee and Shannon aspiring dietitians but they are also Upstate New Yorkers! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Want to get to know them more? Yes? You’re in luck! Our Q&A throws some fun questions their way so we can all get to know them.

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#42 Get Organized with Guest Rick Woods

rick woods

Do you have to duck and take cover when you open your kitchen cabinets? Is your junk drawer stuck because it’s so full? Has your refrigerator not gotten a good clean up since 2010? It’s impossible to enjoy cooking when your clutter is overtaking your work space. In walks Rick Woods, The Functional Organizer. Rick is the owner of The Functional Organizer, LLC, is on the NAPO National Board of Directors, makes monthly appearances on NBC TV’s Mass Appeal Morning Show, host’s iTunes podcast Make Room For Clarity, and is the author of the book Make Room For Clarity: Getting Rid of the Clutter That Gets In Your Way. Rick teaches clients how to can clean up our space and clean up our lives to live clearly with intention. Today on Nutrition Genius Radio he teaches us how to clean up our kitchen to make cooking real food easy and enjoyable.


Portion Sizes (Q&A#23)


Should you watch your portion sizes?

Today’s question is all about portion sizes and control. Here at Team Nutrition Genius we talk about the QUALITY of your food but we have not mentioned much about QUANTITY. Check out today’s episode to find out our recommendations for how much to put on your plate.

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#41 Fruit


100% Fruit

Fruit is healthy, or is it? It seems each week we are changing our minds. Check out our episode this week to find out what fruit is, why it is beneficial, and why it gets a bad reputation. Remember at the end of the day to JUST EAT REAL FOOD (or in this case FRUIT). (more…)

Sassy’s Beef Tongue Tacos


Tasty Beef Tongue Tacos

When our friends in Albany told us they were getting a 1/2 cow share from a local (grass-fed) farm not going to lie I was super jealous that my freezer is SO small. They then asked me if they should get the organs and I quickly said YES! They were on board as long as I would help them figure out how to cook them, GAME ON! (more…)

Pearl’s Pomegranate Margarita


It’s no secret Pearl loves her a good cocktail. Especially when it includes tequila. What she doesn’t love are those cocktails containing artificial colors, sweeteners, and chemicals #aintnobodygottimeforthat. This little concoction is colorful, tasty, and contains all real food ingredients but it is still alcohol so don’t over do it! Check out Nutrition Genius Radio Episode #25 Blame it on the ALCOHOL for more information on alcohol and how much you can safely have

Enjoy!. (more…)

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